The bead was the first I made last night, it had a bit of an attitude with me at first, wanting to be what it wanted to be, but we finally compromised and created a beautiful art piece that looks wonderful with the earrings that match.

Created with Fimo Clay, which is a premium type of polymer clay that I really like because it stays harder than most.  It also comes in some really cool colors for creating art beads.

So the bottom layer is blue with a shimmer of glitter.  I run it through the largest setting on my pasta machine.  The curvy edge affect, this is obtained with my handy dandy Pampered Chef Fancy.  

The second layer is a dark forest green color, textured with a very "expensive and hard to find tool" not tell anyone this, but this texturing tool is a very large, very clean, very new..."bolt" from my husbands work bench.  I simply roll it over that layer a couple different directions.

The third layer was added to bring a little more of that pretty glittered blue to the background and add depth.  

The top layers is a where the fun really begins, a few beads for color, depth and beauty, combined with the beautiful waves of a clay technique call Mokume-Gane.  This is a Japanese art, or technique of layering different colors to give it the look of wood.  They used to do this with different metals and colors of metals to form beautiful swords.  Creative artists take this technique a bit further with clay.

The earrings will be in the next post.

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