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I love the combination of turquoise and corals colors

Posted by Linda Hoxie on Wednesday, June 25, 2014,
Inspired by my sisters, I created a new line of necklaces that I just love.  The colors are such a good contrast when combined together.

This first piece has a tribal feel, love the way it looks on.

A vintage inspiration.  That focal bead is an actual vintage brooch that I re-purpose and up-cycled with beads that compliment it well.  A gorgeous statement piece.

Celestial inspired, with agate and hand-rolled paper beads.

The photo does not do this one justice, I just love the contrasting color com...
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A few more beads, in purple and black.

Posted by Linda Hoxie on Friday, September 7, 2012, In : Bead Sale 
Here are my batch of beads created today:

This one I absolutely love. It looks like a moon hanging over a planet.  I can't seem to capture the color in the photo tonight.  

 I really love the purples and black mixed together.  The pink one you see there is so cute.  It has little flowered shaped metal beds on it.
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A Diamond in the rough

Posted by Linda Hoxie on Friday, August 31, 2012, In : Making Beads 

A diamond in the rough is this pendants name, I must have been craving chocolate last night because I had to wrap this beads chocolate brown color in some greens, because he just looked too "Hershey".  The Pop of color wasn't just right until we wrapped him up.

The earrings to match, remind me of a moon rising from the waves.  I love the one on the left.

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