How to:
 Create Beautiful Mokume Gane Effects
Polymer Clay.

  • First select the colors of the Clay you want to use.  You will need contrasting dark and light colors to get the effect you need.
  • For this example we are using shades of pink, magenta, bluish purple and lilac.
  • As in the photo above you will take each color individually and soften and flatten them through your Pasta Machine or Clay Rolling Machine using a thicker setting.  If you don't have a Clay Rolling Machine , you can soften the clay by working it by hand, then placing it between waxed paper roll it out with an Acrylic Clay Roller or a kitchen rolling pin. (Don't have a rolling pin, you can even use a drinking glass.)  The edges don't matter as we will be trimming them off.  Just make your flattened clay pieces close to the same size in each color.
  • Next place your colored pieces on top of one another, alternating light and dark colors so you will have a good contrast.
  • Next you will trim all four edges.  I like to use my Pampered Chef Crinkle Cutter which leaves a really cool edge and makes great a great tool for working with clay.
  • Slice it once more down the center.
  • Stack those pieces on top of each other.  Lightly roll your roller over this pile to seal them together.  You don't want to use too much pressure or flatten it.

  • Now it is up to you what you do to design it.   You can make diagonal slices, poke it with different things, etc.  What you are basically doing is blending the colors down through one another in layers.   I made a diagonal line with my crinkle cutter.
  • Poked some holes with a corn cob holder.  Then used a curved edge on a potato peeler.
  • Finally I poked some larger holes with a Shish Kabob.
  • Roll over your clay with a roller to seal the slices together.  Then take a Polymer Clay Blade .  (Adults only)   If you haven't bought one yet, you can use a fillet knife too.  Then very carefully slice the top layer off your stack, which opens to amazing colors and designs beneath.  It is like opening a christmas gift, so pretty and each layer has different colors and designs. 

  • You can take it from here...let your imagination and inspiration be your guide as you unleash the artist inside.  
  • Coming soon - I will add a step by step on how to make different types of 3D Wearable art pieces.
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